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Marketing and design shouldn't be intimidating, one-size-fits-all, or costly — especially not for small brands. Anne Marie works with large and small brands to elevate their presence through impactful, diy-friendly communications.

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what she does

"final" deliverables aren't  her thing
Anne Marie specializes in creating adaptable assets and strategies that can be reused indefinitely. This creates an impact that stretches far beyond the initial partnership, enabling brands to thrive on their own terms.
With maintainability in mind, Anne Marie will design and build out your new, custom brand assets.

She'll meld design with functionality to create content and materials that make it easier for you to run your business, while making it a breeze for your audiences to find what they need and get to know your brand.

+ design services

- Brand identities 
- Websites
- Content/creative services
- Marketing materials


She develops a strong understanding, not only of your brand right now, but also where you want it to be down the road.

With your goals in mind, she’ll craft a cohesive and clear brand strategy to help you stand out from the crowd and connect with your target audiences — all while keeping everything doable for you and your team.

+ strategy services

- Messaging
- Audience analysis
- Content strategy
- Goal setting


Great design and strategy are crucial but it’s equally important to know how to put it all to use.

Anne Marie creates templates, assets, and resources that are designed to help you maintain and grow your brand independently. Everything is diy-friendly too (no prior design experience is required!).

+ resources

- Templates
- Maintenance plans
- Brand guidelines
- Content calendars

newsletter system
Frankford Friends School

annual report template
Camp Onas

about aml

Hi, I'm Anne Marie (she/her). I grew up in Newport News, VA, and then planted one foot in college radio and another in video production at Florida State. After spending a few years in the NYC media scene where I produced video content at Slate, Eater, and Dow Jones Media Group, I went through a broad-strokes grad program at Pratt to expand beyond the world of video and move toward strategy and creative direction.

Things started to click after that. I moved to Philly and began working with local and global organizations on every aspect of their communications. The wider lens quickly revealed how limitations in budget and capacity can hamper growth — especially for smaller brands who don't have the resources to enlist the help of a design agency or to hire a dedicated marketing team. I’ve since devoted my time to figuring out how to make it easier for people to manage the marketing themselves.

Outside of work, I enjoy experimenting in other areas of design (landscaping and interiors in particular as my partner and I zhuzh up an old house in Germantown). I also watch a lot of women's sports (go bats) and enjoy playing on adult sports teams (go toe-sters). I'd love for you to say hey at annemarie [at] amlindemann [dot] com.

why work with her

Anne Marie is focused on making things easier and more affordable for the folks who are rolling up their sleeves and "doing the marketing" themselves.

Her nimble approach is ideal for those who think that their brand could benefit from working with a marketer/designer, but don’t have the capacity to independently manage a complex project or the budget to hire a full-time marketing employee.

let's work together

Anne Marie is based in Philly but will work with brands anywhere

hop on a brainstorm call


Don't know where to start and just want some advice? Chat with her for 30 minutes and she'll help you brainstorm.

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This is a great option for brands who already know exactly what they need. You'll meet with Anne Marie for 45 minutes to get her up to speed and then she'll send along a project quote for your consideration.

book a strategy session


Meet with her for 60 minutes to discuss your brand's goals and needs. She'll put together a list of strategic recommendations after the session, which you can then implement yourself or hire her to tackle.


a newsletter about diy marketing & design

brand identity guidelines: why they’re so important and how to do it yourself

A brand’s identity is how it shows up in the world: how it looks/feels/sounds, what it says, what it stands for, and how it interacts with others. If you were to hire...

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what does it even mean to "do the marketing?"

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you need a font, a color, and a logo to launch a brand

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brands don’t have to feel so neutral

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the messaging is the hardest part

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Design, templates

Open Society Foundations Communications


Design, templates

Open Society Foundations Communications

High-quality deliverables for a global organization

As a designer with the Open Society Communications team, Anne Marie worked cross-functionally across multiple teams to produce high-quality deliverables for both internal and external use across multiple global offices serving over 120+ countries. Assets included publications, presentations, data visualizations, internal documents, and signage. Anne Marie also produced public-facing social media posts for Open Society’s Instagram and Twitter channels, ensuring the cohesive application of the brand identity across all content to help amplify Open Society’s mission around the world.

Visual Identity, Templates

Camp Onas Templates


Visual Identity, Templates

Camp Onas Templates

A future-proofed document and slide deck template

Camp Onas approached Anne Marie to develop a new visual identity and presentation template for their 2023 capital fundraising campaign as well as a document template for their 2023 annual report. Both projects required a new visual identity that expanded upon the existing Camp Onas brand while amplifying the revised mission, vision, and values. Anne Marie served as a strategic partner—optimizing the campaign content and storytelling through the incorporation of captivating photography, color, typography, page design, and iconography. She refined and prioritized Camp Onas’ core messaging within each deliverable to ensure organizational consistency and increase audience engagement. The final templates and resources were provided to staff members to use, edit, and replicate for years to come, building their team’s internal capacity to communicate with their audiences.

Web Design

Billy Libby Music


Web Design

Billy Libby Music

Visual identity and web design for an independent producer.

Billy Libby, an independent producer, composer, and instrumentalist, approached Anne Marie to design a portfolio website that would offer clients and collaborators an overview of his work. Anne Marie established a unique visual language to unify the site’s content and added a narrative flow to organize his diverse array of projects. The website was built using Squarespace, a user-friendly tool that makes updating the site in the future easy.

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her work in action